Training Support Systems – Enterprise (TSS-E) Mission Support Services III

TSS-E is a Master Multiple Award, Indefinite-Delivery, Indefinite-Quantity (MA-IDIQ) task order contract intended to provide Training Support Systems Enterprise (TSS-E) Mission Support Services for the Army Training Support Command (ATSC) in Ft Eustis, VA. The TSS-E's mission is to provide relevant and realistic Live, Virtual, Constructive and Gaming (LVC&G) integrated training and program support through the Army's TSS-E services, products, and facilities.


Contract Number: W900KK23D0006

SAM Unique ID Number: KHGARY8DHL23


TSS-E Contract Basics

  • Non-Personal Services
  • Contract Ceiling: $610 Million
  • Period of Performance: 1 Year Base, Four 1 Year Options (FY 2023 – 2028)

Scope of Services

  • Sustainable Range Program Services
  • Combat Training Centers Services
  • Soldier Training and Mission Complex and LVC-IA Support
  • Training Development Support

Procurement Options

Direct Acquisition: Request for Task Order Proposals are solicited by the Administrative Contracting Officer through email and the responses are to be submitted to MICC Orlando in email format.

Contract Types at the Task Order Level

Firm Fixed Price (All Types) and Cost-Plus Fixed Fee (CPFF); Basis for Award is Best Value Type or Evaluation Criteria.


Sustainable Range Program Services

CALIBRE maximizes the usability of ranges by providing input on the design and management across all Army training lands. CALIBRE contributes to policies that determine the accessibility, capability, and availability of Army ranges – these policies guide the integration of range requirements that improve the management and sustainability of ranges.

Task Area Examples Include:

  • Integrated Training Area Management
  • Land Rehabilitation and Maintenance
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Range and Training Land Assessments

Combat Training Centers Services

Whether informing doctrine changes, purveying role-players, or overseeing the fielding of new instrumentation, CALIBRE provides rotational and full-time advisory and assistance services in Combat Training Centers. These services ensure the combat readiness of soldiers across the globe.

Task Area Examples Include:

  • Role Players
  • Operational Environments

Solider Training and Mission Training Complex Support

CALIBRE provides technical, training, exercise, and overall program management support at large and small Army Installations. We ensure that virtual and live simulations are modernized by developing training doctrine, conducting analysis, and facilitating integration of new technologies.

Task Area Examples Include:

  • Live, Virtual, Constructive – Integrated Architecture
  • Training Support Centers
  • Exercise Support

Training Development Support

CALIBRE provides state-of-the-art simulations and simulators to ensure the modernity of Army Training Capabilities. CALIBRE refines initial concepts, participates in various solution meetings, and develops new documentation according to our findings.

Task Area Examples Include:

  • Joint Land Component Constructive Training Capabilities
  • Virtual Capabilities
  • Mission Training Capabilities


Division/Growth Lead:
Troy Barnes
Vice President
Defense Mission Solutions

Barbara A. Richitt, M.B.A.
Senior Vice President, Contracts & Procurement