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CALIBRE Elevates Charles Onstott to Executive Vice President & Corporate Officer

PRESS RELEASE / May 13, 2024

Alexandria, Virginia CALIBRE Systems, Inc. (CALIBRE) announced the promotion of Charles Onstott to Executive Vice President (EVP) and Corporate Officer of its employee-owned company. As Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Charles joins our Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Human Resources Officer as a Corporate Officer.

During his approximately three-year tenure at CALIBRE, Charles has propelled a culture of technology and navigated the company’s digital transformational efforts. From the Innovation Center, Technology, Tools & Solutions, and company-wide code challenges, CALIBRE has renewed itself and fostered innovation under Charles’s leadership. These actions will transcend growth and opportunities for CALIBRE.

“As we continue to expand and leverage our Technology Roadmap, it was important to formally institutionalize the CTO as an EVP and Corporate Officer of CALIBRE,” said CALIBRE President and CEO, Richard Pineda. “This promotion recognizes Charles’s considerable impact on our company. He is not just adapting to technological changes; he is at the forefront of creating them, helping CALIBRE lead in the federal market.”

“CALIBRE is full of people who are passionate about client success and innovation,” said Charles Onstott. “I am honored to help lead our organization in technology innovation with our deep domain knowledge to create growth and opportunities for our clients and employees alike.”

Contact: Barbara Richitt, Senior Vice President, Contracts & Procurement
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