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Training, Modeling, and Simulation Services

Is your organization training for tomorrow’s performance and competitive challenges?

Training requires multiple types of learning capabilities in Live, Virtual, Constructive, and Gaming (LVC&G) environments.  CALIBRE provides all levels of training enablers from individual skills training to top-level policy and requirements development for training systems.


CALIBRE provides industry-leading support and solutions to solve organizations’ most challenging training requirements.

Sustainable Training Range Management. 
CALIBRE offers program development, budget formulation, execution tracking, and capital construction planning for ranges.  Applying the newest and most innovative science, technologies, and resource management techniques is critical to reaching sustainable, effective solutions.  Our partnerships with academic institutions and other companies, allow us to develop scientific capabilities for protection and sustainment of endangered and threatened species.  Mitigation studies empower government agencies to develop and implement effective land management strategies.

Systems Thinking, Modeling, and Facilitation. 
CALIBRE utilizes systems thinking to gain high-level understanding of interactions in complex systems — the “physics” of many interacting players.  We engage organizations to experience the solution with live computer simulation to test ideas, anticipate problems, and determine what levers of control optimize system performance.


Distance and Blended Learning
Technology continues to enable new forms of training better tailored to the learning styles and needs of today’s adult learners. CALIBRE provides classroom, distance, and blended learning solutions for all types of training. For blended learning, we assist clients in finding the optimum balance between the focus and collaboration of the classroom and the flexibility and value of online learning. We support multiple formats of online learning (independent/group, synchronous/asynchronous, and multi-media) that help clients reduce the amount of instructor-led classroom time. We have worked with all leading Learning Management Systems (LMSs) as well as many custom ones to deploy blended learning solutions.

Platform Instruction
CALIBRE provides qualified subject matter experts using the latest doctrine and regulatory guidance to conduct initial, refresher, and advanced level training.  These instructors conduct classroom and practical/hands-on lessons for basic, advanced, and executive courses using handbooks, training materials, and round-table discussions to reinforce principles.  We develop and update course plans of instruction, lesson plans, practical exercises, and other materials.  CALIBRE’s comprehensive curricula includes student materials, tests, exercises, and a variety of presentation techniques to improve learning.  We conduct training at organizations’ sites and at our corporate facility.

Process and Data Modeling
CALIBRE’s process and data modeling provides organizations with the means to develop and test solutions, generate both consistency and repeatability across business units, and quantify actual requirements.  Business Process Modeling (BPM) using simulation and facilitation is one of the cornerstone techniques CALIBRE uses in analyzing and selecting organizations’ requirements.  Our business analysts use these models to gain an understanding of the current system and “paint a picture” of the solution.  CALIBRE develops these models with stakeholders to enable better organizational awareness, resulting in a positive and sustainable impact on operations.

Training and Curriculum Development
CALIBRE designs, develops, and delivers standards-based curricula, and individual and classroom instruction to meet the ever-growing needs of government agencies and corporate organizations.  CALIBRE offers training programs and design expertise on a wide range of subjects and disciplines developed using the Instruction Systems Design (ISD) model.  We also provide instruction for commercial trades delivered through 170 International Training Institute centers and formal classroom instruction for the Working Capital Funds program.

Training Services Support
CALIBRE integrates live, virtual, and constructive environments needed to train military and federal agency personnel by replicating the constantly changing operational environments across the conflict spectrum. We deliver networked, integrated, and interoperable training support to enhance training effectiveness. We offer expertise to support training information infrastructure; training aids, devices, simulators, and simulations (e.g., Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement Systems (MILES), Joint Pacific Multinational Readiness Capability (JPMRC)-Instrumentation System (IS)); training products (e.g., distance learning courseware), training facilities and land (e.g., Integrated Training Area Management, range sustainment and operations). CALIBRE supports training events and exercise development, collection and analysis of training data, and feedback to the training audience (e.g. JPMRC, and Joint National Training Capability (JNTC)). We offer these services across the institutional, self-development, and operational domains to enable a relevant training environment for Service members.

Value / Supply Chain Integration and Modeling
CALIBRE provides predictive models and planning solutions that integrate forecasts and planning levels for demand, supply, and distribution.  Our proven inventory optimization processes support millions of unique part numbers providing the DoD with lower investment levels and higher satisfaction rates.  CALIBRE uses these proven techniques to minimize wait time and increase demand satisfaction. 

Using real-time data, such as lead times, inventory conditions and locations, transit times, loss rates, and fitments, we improve inventory management processes.  Our procedures identify gaps, find inconsistent and missing data, apply statistical and analytical techniques to bridge the gaps, and solve data quality challenges.  We understand how to find and leverage the right signals in the digital noise to optimize organizations’ performance.