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Strategic Planning and Consulting

To succeed in today’s uncertain strategic environment, public and private sector leaders must identify and communicate their vision, mission, and objectives; establish business strategies to accomplish their goals; and develop metrics to measure performance.  CALIBRE provides management services to support the development and implementation of strategic plans, including change management, organizational analysis, policy review, strategic and business plan development, and strategic communications and event planning to optimize performance and foster growth.


CALIBRE provides Strategic Planning support and solutions to solve the important strategic challenges facing organizations.

Strategic Momentum.
CALIBRE’s innovative approach to the development and implementation of strategic planning, evaluation methodology, and sustainment plans provides enterprise-level views of portfolios, focusing on the nexus of current policy, programs, and resources.  Our solutions provide leaders a graphical view of strategic gaps and overlaps in their organizations.  CALIBRE works with stakeholders to balance resources, identify and mitigate risks, and determine strategy effectiveness to achieve a common vision.  We provide decision-makers real alternatives and simple solutions to build overwhelming strategic momentum.

Business Process Reengineering.
We enable organizations to develop and understand their value chain and effectively integrate people, process, and technology.  Utilizing a cross-enterprise team-based approach delivers tangible performance results.  We leverage simple, logical methodologies for assessing weaknesses, identifying gaps, and implementing targeted opportunities to streamline workflow, technology, and business process for strategic success.  


Business Process Reengineering
CALIBRE offers business process reengineering using techniques such as Lean Six Sigma and scrum methodologies. We help organizations develop and understand their value chains and effectively integrate people, process, and technology using a cross enterprise team-based approach to deliver tangible results. We utilize simple, logical methodologies for assessing process weaknesses, identifying gaps, and implementing targeted opportunities to streamline workflow, leverage technology, and sustain improved business process performance.

Change Management
CALIBRE’s process recognizes the interdependence of the technical quality of a proposed solution and its level of acceptance among stakeholders.  It systematically incorporates technical excellence and stakeholder involvement from the earliest stages of planning.  We develop customized plans to increase both the quality of products, service offerings, and the level of satisfaction they generate upon receipt.  Our holistic, sustainable approach enables organizations to understand and attain a balanced mix of capabilities to achieve specific, measurable results.  We couple the technical aspect with effective communication planning to address the people dimension of organizational change management.

Event Planning
CALIBRE plans events to provide workshop settings for real-time analysis that improves business processes. We also offer planning, design, and staging of audio-visual components for large audiences.

Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement
CALIBRE has been a leading provider of strategic planning, business analysis, program and cost management, risk mitigation, business process reengineering (BPR), and continuous process improvement (CPI)/Lean Six Sigma (LSS) solutions to the Government and the private sector for over 20 years. We specialize in CPI, with LSS at the core of our capabilities. We develop a mission-specific, robust solution that delivers sustainable results by providing organizational design practitioners, LSS Master Black Belts, Black Belts, and coaches. These capabilities help our clients improve operations efficiency, cut costs, accelerate production schedules, and increase the overall quality of their organization and work efforts.

Organizational Analysis
CALIBRE offers organizational analysis for an organization’s business needs, whether for small departmental employee surveys or full multi-function analysis to assess the health of the entire business entity. Our highly qualified professionals combine industry-leading organizational analysis methodologies, such as Malcolm Baldrige, with change management and project management expertise to develop a baseline of organizational measures. With these measures, we provide recommendations and plans that enable organizations to become high performing organizations.

Policy Review
CALIBRE recognizes that many considerations affect organizational policy and management decisions. We offer experienced professionals who use qualitative and quantitative techniques for reviewing, developing, and implementing concise policies, procedures, and objectives for organizations and their programs. Our strategy and policy recommendations take into account current statutory and regulatory compliance requirements as well as initiatives for mission accomplishment by looking ahead and analyzing the impacts of pending legislation. CALIBRE’s assessments combine industry-leading expertise with an effective, proven communications methodology to convey recommendations and goals to all stakeholders.

Strategic and Business Plan Development
CALIBRE develops and reviews organizational and/or business unit strategic plans to ensure objectives achieve the desired outcomes. Our proven planning process results in a comprehensive strategic plan to drive performance. Our breadth of experience includes information technology strategic plans, personnel management strategies, and assessments and implementation of requirements arising from federal laws, regulations, and statutes.

Strategic Communications
CALIBRE provides strategic communications services to organizations that guide them through the process of systematic planning, developing information flow protocols, and crafting effective messaging. We offer a variety of media options to get the right message out, to the right audience, at the right time. For example, CALIBRE has supported the Veterans Benefits Administration with showcasing one of its very successful programs, that strengthens its business posture and enables support for future endeavors.