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Financial and Cost Management

Financial managers face complex business issues with imperfect information regarding financial and cost implications.  Effective financial and cost management integrates resource allocations, process integration, monitoring and controls, and reporting.  CALIBRE builds practical, timely, best-value solutions to solve an organization’s financial and cost management challenges.


CALIBRE has over 25 years of proven financial and cost management expertise and experience. 

CALIBRE’s proven and deliberate methodology has been instrumental in resolving Army and DoD-wide material weaknesses. Our in-depth knowledge of Army and DoD financial systems ensures CALIBRE’s process complies with fiscal laws and regulations, as well as SECDEF guidance and has led to:

  • Improved audit readiness
  • Increased emphasis on accountability of assets
  • Establishment of interim goals against which programs can be assessed
  • Achievement of full audit readiness for financial statements

Cost Management. 
CALIBRE provides comprehensive and innovative cost management solutions utilizing planning tools and process improvement techniques. We translate strategy and performance improvement needs into a capability that delivers actionable solutions.

Working Capital Fund Operations, Services, and Training. 
CALIBRE has provided a full range of working capital instruction, including supply, maintenance, finance, and business operations for over 15 years. Our solutions include advanced business analytics, rate formulation and reduction, reducing costs of operations, budget data collection and preparation, business strategies, and capital investment.


Cost Forecasting and Management
CALIBRE provides technical expertise, forecasting, and execution support related to resource management, planning, and cost analysis. Our integrated solutions (such as the Army’s Operating and Support Management Information System, Installation Status Report, and Standard Service Costing), including customized and automated data applications and analysis, help leaders understand the full cost of operations and cost implications empowering them to make informed decisions. In a constrained budgetary environment, CALIBRE brings proven experience of guiding organizations through the challenges of implementing a cost management culture. CALIBRE’s highly qualified personnel and methods enable organizations to evaluate costs, benefits, and risks throughout all phases of their decision-making processes.

Financial Material Weakness Resolution
CALIBRE provides proven and deliberate Lean Six Sigma (LSS) methodology to resolve material weaknesses. CALIBRE possesses an in-depth understanding of Army and DoD financial systems. We support an organization through research, resource analysis, technical, and analytical support designed to resolve material weaknesses. We understand the complexity of operating in a constrained budgetary environment. We provide solutions that improve internal financial managerial controls, comply with fiscal law and regulations, and strengthen audit readiness. CALIBRE’s solutions find and properly document savings to benefit the budget and Program Objectives Memorandum (POM). CALIBRE has the subject matter expertise, experience, skills, and institutional knowledge to have successfully resolved material weaknesses. Our experience saves time and money to get the desired results.

Forensic and Investigative Accounting Support
CALIBRE provides a broad array of financial risk management skills.  These skills include computer forensics, data analytics, data recovery, forensic accounting, and accounting investigative techniques.  We understand forensic accounting and are able to identify, interpret, and communicate the evidence of economic transactions and reporting events.  CALIBRE’s strengths include more than two decades of experience in the defense community, a certified staff, and proven partners in the disciplines of financial management, investigations, and financial forensics.

Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE)
CALIBRE provides the expertise to link strategies, plans, and objectives with performance goals. Our solutions include training and technical assistance to appropriately prioritize, resource, develop alternatives, monitor, and analyze performance to achieve mission success. CALIBRE developed ePPBES, an on-line resource management IT solution, that allows users to integrate resources, strategy, and policy across the entire PPBE process. CALIBRE helps organizations balance near-term requirements and foundational programs, while preparing them for tomorrow’s likely challenges.

Working Capital Fund Operations, Services, and Training
CALIBRE is experienced, conversant, and effective in working capital fund operations, services, and training. We have saved organizations millions of dollars and measurably improved every aspect of business operations. Our services include advanced business analytics, rate formulation and reduction, approaches to reduce cost of operations, budget data collection and preparation, business strategies, capital investment, and training. Training is certified under the DoD Financial Management Certification Program and can be found on the OSD FM website.