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Energy, Environment, and Regulatory Management

Does your organization meet federal environmental policy guidelines?  Are you able to manage critical energy resources to achieve our country’s goals for energy independence?

CALIBRE provides efficient and effective approaches for developing, implementing, and maintaining energy management programs while conserving financial resources. CALIBRE interprets and implements environmental regulations, determining the level of risk and protection warranted works with regulatory agencies in selecting appropriate remediation technology solutions and criteria and identifies and implements cleanup approaches..


CALIBRE provides industry leading support and solutions to solve the most challenging Energy, Environment, and Regulatory Management requirements.

Meter Data Management System (MDMS).
MDMS provides business intelligence by retrieving and transmitting energy and water meter data via secure internet formats to a central database, that generates curative reports and provides accurate, secure, and timely delivery of actionable energy metrics to all relevant stakeholders from the individual facility energy manager to headquarters.
CALIBRE completes investigation and remediation projects dealing with a wide range of contaminants (e.g., volatile organic compounds (VOCs), metals, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), explosives, petroleum products) in the full suite of environmental media (e.g., soil, ground water, sediments, and surface water) for federal, state, and industrial clients throughout the United States.


Energy and Water Efficiency Assessments and Management Training
CALIBRE’s team of Certified Energy Managers (CEM), Certified Energy Auditors (CEA), and Certified Measurement and Verification professionals (CMVP) performs a broad range of energy studies, including preliminary facility walk-throughs, utility bill and rate analyses, comprehensive energy audits, investment grade energy audits, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission quantification audits.  CALIBRE identifies Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs), Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECOs), and federal, state, and local incentives.  Based on these inputs and individual client requirements, we develop cost projections, return on investment, analyses, and a summary of ancillary environmental benefits. 

CALIBRE’s team of Energy and HVAC experts provides training to effectively manage consumption, demand, cost, reliability, occupant satisfaction, and onsite energy and water production resources.  We adjust course content to provide maximum training benefit based upon audience experience, job performance expectations, and organizational priorities.

Energy Audit and Validation Services
CALIBRE assists organizations to develop and improve business processes and reduce energy expenditures.  We apply comprehensive measuring and auditing techniques to analyze energy project performance at the appropriate time interval by campus, building, subunit, or process.  We perform project feasibility studies, facility condition assessments, and as a component of energy savings performance contracts (ESPCs).  Our capabilities support the Energy Independence Security Act of 2007 and Executive Order 13514 that require government agencies to provide transparent reporting of their performance in meeting or exceeding waste, energy, water reduction, and CO2 emission goals.

Energy Management Data Systems, Planning, and Analysis
CALIBRE’s energy management systems enable organizations to make timely, informed decisions, achieve their energy and water goals, improve system performance, and reduce utility expenditures.  Where desired, CALIBRE develops and implements strategic communications options to broadcast positive fiscal and environmental results.

Environmental Program Planning
CALIBRE is nationally recognized as an expert in streamlining requirements and tailoring the application to project work activities.  Applying proven project management techniques, we support program reviews, develop strategies, conduct baseline and budget reviews, establish performance metrics and milestones, and develop and implement acquisition strategies for performance-based cleanups.  We develop methodologies that efficiently integrate multiple disciplines, conflicting regulations, and competing priorities to apply the right controls in the field to implement and maintain efficient work processes.  We provide expert analysis of program metrics, proven techniques to gain consensus among multiple stakeholders, and effective tools to help program managers track, assess, and mitigate issues before they negatively impact overall project and program performance. 

Regulatory Compliance Support
CALIBRE prepares and maintains project environmental compliance documentation to support regulatory deliverables, permit compliance, and litigation. We integrate the requirements of multiple permits and orders (e.g., Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) corrective action order, RCRA permit, National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) storm water permit) and assist with negotiations and interactions with regulatory agencies. CALIBRE provides technical support, training, and assistance to ensure compliance with the multitude of regulations and executive orders, as well as conducts Environmental Management Systems (EMS) conformance reviews. We perform audits to satisfy requirements of corrective action orders and support environmental assessments of on-going or past operations in support of property transactions.

Smart Grid Interoperability
CALIBRE’s open standards architecture, combined with our Energy Smart Grid Laboratory, supports secure integration of state-of-the-art components with legacy infrastructure and communications channels.  Our secure and accredited enterprise data systems deter intrusions while communicating, aggregating, and reporting on utility and other metrics.  These attributes are critical to the effective implementation of energy and water management programs, demand reduction efforts, and CO2 reduction strategies.  Our vendor agnostic approach avoids the traps often associated with the use of proprietary communications, devices, and systems, that limit competition, increase sustainment costs, and raise the complexity and risk of future projects requiring integration.

Sustainability Planning and Advisory Services
CALIBRE’s sustainability experts and planning tools assist facility managers in preparing long-term management plans and master plans for energy, water, greenhouse gas, on-site generation, and other resources.  Our tools and certified experts help facility managers prioritize alternatives, manage risk, and reduce expenditures.

Utility System Surveys and Mapping
CALIBRE’s utility system surveys and mapping support include geospatial data creation, maintenance of existing geospatial data, validation for compliance with geospatial data standards, analysis of geospatial data, creation of cartographic products, and printing and plotting support.  We provide these services while maintaining the organization’s data security protocols and data integrity.