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Information Technology Solutions

Does your organization have the tools and resources necessary to meet today’s technological demands?  Do you believe there is untapped potential for greater technical efficiency within your organization?

CALIBRE provides tailored, integrated, and adaptable solutions developed using leading edge technology and proven methodologies that reduce operating costs, delivering value while answering the challenges of today and tomorrow.


For over 25 years, CALIBRE has provided trusted support and innovative solutions to solve organizations’ most important Information Technology needs.

Solutions Providers.
From desktop support to mainframe modernization, our highly qualified team of IT professionals provides cost reducing solutions.  Our solutions team develops and engineers modern applications and systems that provide global, secure access to cost performance portals, utility metering systems, and real-time logistics, worldwide.

Systems Integrators.
CALIBRE’s systems integration expertise provides organizations, ranging from the DoD to Audi of America with unique end-to-end solutions that solve some of the toughest data challenges in today’s modern business environment.

Technical Experts.
With experience delivering applications through public, private, and hybrid clouds, CALIBRE seamlessly transcends and navigates through the complexities of the cloud to provide best-in-class enterprise services. 


Technology Consulting — CALIBRE drives value and innovation by utilizing industry best practices and implementing state-of-the-art technologies to increase security, lower costs, and improve performance.

Cyber Security
CALIBRE’s Risk-Based Security Management (RBSM) techniques enable organizations to make mission and cost-justified investments to protect themselves from today’s evolving threat landscape.

Portfolio Management
CALIBRE supports the full lifecycle of IT strategy, planning, and execution.  With deep knowledge in Business Process Management, Enterprise Architecture, and Data Flow Modeling, we ensure our technology initiatives are aligned to an organization’s mission.

Technology Strategy and Enterprise Resource Planning
CALIBRE supports organizations in executing their missions more efficiently and effectively. Our expertise delivers solutions that maximize organizations’ return on investment, improve collaboration, and better align organizations’ missions with current and future technologies.

Management Dashboards and Analytics
CALIBRE has a proven ability to access and analyze comprehensive data and present it in strategic and tactical visual representations for enterprise business intelligence. We understand today’s drive towards data driven discovery and decision making.

Development and Integration — CALIBRE delivers mission-critical, custom software development, integration services, and modification of commercial-off-the-shelf products, on-time and within budget.   

Software Development
CALIBRE employs both Waterfall and Agile software development methodologies. Our waterfall approach utilizes a sequential design process to provide steady progress from conception to implementation. Our Agile approach utilizes an iterative design process in which systems are built through proven and repeatable processes that mitigate challenges typically associated with the development process. Working components are delivered at the end of defined cycles to meet project goals.

Integration Services
CALIBRE’s wide breadth of experience in multiple languages and frameworks allows for the integration of existing legacy systems with next generation platforms, ensuring data fidelity and accessibility.

Mobile Applications
CALIBRE is at the cutting-edge of today’s fast-paced mobile lifestyle demands.  Through deep understanding of the latest in web and mobile technologies, our solutions ensure that organizations can securely access data when needed, regardless of location or device utilized.

Cloud Computing — CALIBRE transforms legacy infrastructure and applications into the modern cloud, offering organizations cost-effective agility and scalability.

Data Center Transformation and Modernization
CALIBRE’s trademarked COMPASS methodology optimizes investments in IT infrastructure through the design and architecture of modernized and consolidated data centers, by employing cloud focused and virtualized solutions.

Cloud Computing Services
CALIBRE views the cloud as a way to enable organizations to operate more efficiently. Through the implementation of public, private, and hybrid clouds, CALIBRE provides the customized solutions that help organizations achieve their missions at less cost.

Operations Management
CALIBRE’s certified IT professionals are committed to ensuring that IT assets perform at their peak. Our end-to-end support services provide organizations with reliability and peace of mind, allowing the ability to focus on business objectives.