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Logistics and Management Services

Does your organization struggle with the growing complexity of today’s logistics environment? Do you believe there is untapped potential to improve the efficiency and supply chain management of your operations?

In the public and private sectors, organizations are faced with continuing and significant modernization and recapitalization challenges in deploying and sustaining people and assets, and developing and acquiring advanced technology. CALIBRE solutions focus on all aspects of logistics from material and distribution to business intelligence and mobile technology.


For over 25 years, CALIBRE has provided logistics and acquisitions communities with tailored, integrated, and adaptable solutions, equipping organizations with a comprehensive picture of operations and enabling advanced capabilities across all levels.

Data Analysts.
From OpTempo to Aviation Maintenance to Supply Chain improvement, CALIBRE provides the Army and the Army National Guard with analysts that turn data into actionable information that solves real-world problems and improves performance.

Distribution Managers.
CALIBRE provides organizations with a comprehensive view of their distribution systems, enabling controls that promote cost efficiencies.  CALIBRE’s technical team enables millions of annual logistics transactions to run seamlessly for users around the world, on both desktop and mobile applications.

Solution Developers.
Our team of analysts and developers bring affordable solutions to bear for both commercial and government organizations.  Our developers integrate supply chain and financials, manage major city transportation systems, and make sense of big data systems.


Advanced Logistics Analytics
CALIBRE provides organizations with an in-depth understanding of their complex logistics services by supplying actionable information drawn from multiple data sources.  We employ focused analytics, management views, and data integration to identify and resolve today’s high-cost logistics problems.

Business Information Management
CALIBRE professionals are experts at managing logistics systems across multiple data sources.  From planning to execution and sustainment, we provide logistics business expertise and situational awareness that support streamlined operations.

Integrated Logistics Information Systems
CALIBRE provides organizations around the world with immediate, “click speed” access to actionable logistics data and the ability to review that data in a central location.  CALIBRE offers logistics business intelligence, dashboard development services, and large-scale data integration to create a quick and secure view of the logistics environment.

Logistics and Acquisition Training
CALIBRE empowers organizations to eliminate the knowledge gap in logistics and distribution management.  We are experts in curriculum design and learning transfer, using the latest concepts and technologies to produce immediate benefits for the workforce.

Performance-Based Acquisition Support
CALIBRE provides clarity to acquisition logistics policy, reliability growth requirements, and lifecycle cost reduction through our proven processes and methodologies.

Repair and Engineering Analysis
CALIBRE’s Engineering Analysis reduces risk with weapons systems affordability and sustainability.  We use integrated Reliability, Availability, Maintainability – Cost (RAM-C) Modeling and Simulation analytical tools in order to achieve system availability targets.

Supply Chain Integration and Modeling
CALIBRE provides organizations with a clear picture of their supply chain operations for business improvement.  As an integrator of some of the largest supply chains in the world, our experts turn complex supply chains into value generators, producing efficiencies and improved end user performance.