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Human Capital Management

People are the core of any business. At CALIBRE, we focus on people, improve processes, and enable unlimited possibilities.

CALIBRE offers a holistic approach to HCM, including leader development, strategy, analysis, end-to-end business process reengineering, instructional design support, and training to organizations seeking to improve performance through increased capabilites and better predictive analytics. With our people-focused research, we enable organizations to maximize the talent and potential of human resources to improve their overall success and achieve growth, including connecting transitioning Servicemembers with meaningful employment opportunities in industry.


CALIBRE provides strategy, support, and solutions to solve the most important Human Capital challenges.

Senior Leadership Development.
Leadership development in today’s fast-paced, global economy is increasingly important throughout the Federal Government, military, and corporate sectors. CALIBRE’s programs are tailored to the needs of the organization, department, and individual. We employ a strategic approach to leadership development, integrated with an organization’s business objectives, to enable leaders to achieve their organization’s goals. CALIBRE operates the U.S. Army Force Management School and provides instruction in organization management, leader development, and force management. We worked with the Army to achieve the first accreditation of the Force Management School.

Veteran Transition.
Military service members, veterans, and their spouses deserve the fullest support our Nation can provide. CALIBRE successfully delivers numerous programs to enable successful re-integration of veterans into civilian communities, from helping embed transition programs throughout the military lifecycle to assisting veterans with obtaining their benefits and finding meaningful employment.


Business Process Reengineering
CALIBRE offers business process reengineering using techniques such as Lean Six Sigma and scrum methodologies. We help organizations develop and understand their value chains and effectively integrate people, process, and technology using a cross enterprise team-based approach to deliver tangible results. We utilize simple, logical methodologies for assessing process weaknesses, identifying gaps, and implementing targeted opportunities to streamline workflow, leverage technology, and sustain improved business performance.

Policy and Strategy Development
CALIBRE offers expertise and assistance in review of existing and developing policies and procedures.  We develop strategies and policy recommendations to maintain statutory and regulatory compliance, assess programs and initiatives for policy compliance, and help organizations to look ahead by analyzing the impacts of pending legislation.  We work to develop strategic organizational visions and goals, and define the steps necessary to achieve these visions. 

Curriculum Development
CALIBRE provides calculated, adaptable, and tailored curriculum development support, aligned to an organization’s business objectives, to enhance the workforce’s ability to achieve their goals.  CALIBRE recognizes that today’s dynamic workplace calls for a multi-faceted, flexible approach to training and learning, across skill levels and platforms.  We develop basic, advanced, and executive courses, in comprehensive curricula that include student materials, tests, application exercises, and a variety of presentation techniques to improve learning.  Our products and platforms include, but are not limited to, Interactive Multi-media Instruction (IMI) course materials, distributed learning and self-development courses, mission training plans, and videos.

Leader Development
CALIBRE offers programs to develop leaders at all levels of the organization from first-time frontline supervisor to senior executives and general officers. Combining both group and individual work, our programs help leaders develop the competencies and mindsets required to succeed at their current level and progress rapidly to the next. To provide a world-class experience, we often partner with leading universities and other organizations to bring in the most current thinking and research on topics such as strategy, crisis management, change management, and leader style.

Lean Management
CALIBRE delivers results with over 25 years of proven project management experience and expertise. We employ a continuous, forward-thinking, holistic management approach. CALIBRE embraces Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) as a key tenet of our project management practices. We specialize in multiple lean management / CPI methodologies including: Lean Six Sigma, ISO, and Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) implementation and certification.

Organizational Design and Development
Successful organizations must adapt and evolve in response to changes in their environment, including in form and function. CALIBRE assists organizations in the design and development of organizational structures aligned to support mission success. We help reorganize offices and groups, help new cross-organizational teams stand up rapidly, and support the transformation of entire agencies and departments. Leveraging our understanding of Federal HR, labor relations, strategy, and change management, CALIBRE helps leaders to select the right structure and design and put it into place while continuing to execute the mission.

Recruiting, Placement, and Talent Management
CALIBRE helps public and private sector organizations determine the knowledge and skills needed in their workforce to meet current and future organizational goals. We work to find and match the available talent pool to those needs. Our approach is to engage early with organizations to fully understand the complexity of their business, provide appropriate staffing options, and find the right talent at the right time.

Resource Planning
CALIBRE recognizes that in today’s dynamic environment an organization’s greatest resource is its people.  Our solutions help organization leaders understand the full cost of their operations and the associated cost implications, allowing for better informed decisions as well as optimal use of limited resources, both in the near and long-term.  We provide training in cost management and analysis to help organizations move towards an institutional cost management culture that considers cost, performance, and risk in decision making and resource allocation.  We employ data-driven techniques, increasing the transparency of an organization’s resource landscape.  Our modeling capabilities range from single systems to fleets, and individuals to entire workforces.

Succession Planning
Succession planning is often an ad hoc activity, occurring on an as needed basis as individuals leave an organization.  CALIBRE supports organizations in adopting a strategic approach to succession planning, shaping and protecting the future of their organization.  We identify the characteristics and skills that are essential to a position and develop strategies to recruit or develop internal talent.  Our approach is supported by data-driven analytics, enabling leaders to better understand their organization as they shape its future.

CALIBRE provides all levels of training enablers from individual skills training to top level policy and requirement development for training systems. Our strategic approach aligns skills training with business objectives, helping the workforce develop the skills they need to move an organization forward. We specialize in all phases of the training cycle, from training design, and execution to evaluation of training results. Our programs are adaptable and tailored to individual needs. We recognize that training to meet tomorrow’s challenges requires multiple types of learning capabilities in Live, Virtual, Constructive, and Gaming (LVC&G) environments.

Transition Assistance Program Support
CALIBRE supports provisions of the Veterans Opportunity to Work (VOW) Act and Hiring Heroes Act for the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs to facilitate a seamless military-to-civilian transition for Service members and their families in order to reduce unemployment.  CALIBRE develops public-private partnerships, focused on Service members and their families’ transitions, in order to provide opportunities earlier in the transition process for successful connection to meaningful economic outcomes, including apprenticeships, on-the-job training, and employment.

Workforce Development
CALIBRE offers a full range of workforce development and management solutions from assessment of current staffing levels, competencies, and organizational structure to specific programs aimed at developing and better managing the current workforce.  From small group interventions to enterprise-wide programs, CALIBRE offers complete programs tailored to an organization’s mission, culture, and needs.  We align the workforce to mission requirements, enhancing capabilities to focus on core competencies.  Our approach is forward leaning and adaptable throughout the federal, military, and corporate sectors.

Business Process Reengineering
CALIBRE offers business process reengineering using techniques such as Lean Six Sigma and scrum methodologies.  We help organizations develop and understand their value chain and effectively integrate people, process, and technology using a cross enterprise team-based approach to deliver tangible results.  We utilize simple, logical methodologies for assessing process weaknesses, identifying gaps, and implementing targeted opportunities to streamline workflow, leverage technology, and sustain improved business process performance.