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Health Analytics

Trends in demographics, policy reform, and the economy are creating some of the greatest management challenges of the century for healthcare managers, decision makers, and policy makers.

Their biggest challenge is the growing need for cost-efficient solutions and alternatives while meeting quality objectives. CALIBRE, with leading cost optimization techniques, efficiency procedures, data exploration, and systems thinking analysis capabilities, has the skill and expertise to analyze, model, and develop efficient, well planned and proactive fiscal solutions for decision makers, policy developers, and financial managers in the healthcare arena.

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CALIBRE’s Offerings

CALIBRE has helped our clients develop cost-effective solutions for over 20 years. We excel at systematically analyzing problems, developing alternatives, and projecting successful outcomes. CALIBRE’s experienced team provides:

  • Capital planning support/portfolio management;
  • Comprehensive support and analysis of policy decisions;
  • Data analysis, data mining, and governance;
  • Econometric modeling;
  • Financial management; cost-benefit analysis, analysis of alternatives, and decision support;
  • Healthcare solutions to drive efficiencies;
  • IT support, planning, 508 compliance, web development, and IT security;
  • Long term cost and effectiveness studies;
  • Simulation, statistical analysis, and modeling;
  • Strategic analysis and integration, performance analysis/metrics, and systems thinking; and
  • Training support, management, and assistance.

Alternative Development & Cost Analysis of Health Policy
Our DoD client’s issue concerned family members paying out-of-pocket to travel and visit their wounded service member. CALIBRE supported the DoD Joint Staff by analyzing travel requirements for family members across DoD.  CALIBRE facilitated working groups of subject matter experts and conducted analysis of alternatives for multiple policy futures.  We provided the Joint Chiefs of Staff six alternatives for legislative proposals resulting in statutory changes and new policy in support of DoD’s wounded, ill, and injured service members.

Analysis of Disability Evaluation Systems
DoD and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) desired to simplify their IT structure and reduce redundancy within the Physical Disability Evaluation System (PDES) programs, including Health Affairs.  With in-depth knowledge of DoD’s Disability Evaluation System and VA’s rating and compensation processes, CALIBRE provides expert consultation developing requirements and strategic roadmaps that guide DoD and VA investments and support their commitment to bring world-class services to medically separated Military members.

Caseload Staffing Analysis
Based upon changes in policy and efforts to increase applicable populations, the U.S. Air Force Physical Disability Board of Review (PDBR) staff was overrun by their disability review caseload.  CALIBRE predicted potential caseload parameters, modeled staffing requirements for new predicted caseloads, and provided an optimum staffing level based upon caseload requirements, goals to reduce case processing times, and minimization of costs.  This resulted in increased funding and productivity for the PDBR.

Cost Analysis for the Physical Disability Evaluation System (PDES) Program
In response to the Dole-Shalala Commission’s recommendations, DoD and VA began to explore changes to systems and policies to improve PDES.  CALIBRE conducted cost analysis, actuarial exploration and forecasted cost outcomes.  The analysis informed VA and DoD leaders and congressional staff of policy decisions and provided the framework for future PDES analytic and policy discussions regarding costs.

Disability Education & Employment Initiative - Analysis of Alternatives
Working with DoD, VA, and the Department of Labor, CALIBRE conducted analysis of alternatives to provide increased employment and education opportunities for individuals with disabilities, resulting in integrated policy changes for those departments.

Suicide Prevention Office Portfolio Analysis
The DoD Suicide Prevention Office (DSPO) sought advisory and support services to organize suicide prevention programs.  CALIBRE uses a hierarchy structure methodology resulting in providing recommendations for a roadmap for 2014-2018 that identifies best practices for determination of efficiencies, gaps, duplication, and effectiveness of current programs while minimizing risk to support Service members and their families.

Project Management Support
The VA Office of Mental Health Services (OMHS) sought project management support in developing a unified project management plan for assessing the feasibility of meditation techniques for PTSD intervention.  CALIBRE was instrumental in providing services encompassing project management, policy analysis, and transformation management to achieve project goals on schedule and within budget.

Policy Analysis - Special Monthly Compensation Pay
The Wounded Warrior Care and Transition Policy (WWCTP) office in coordination with the VA, needed to create a joint policy for compensation pay for severely disabled Service members and Veterans.  CALIBRE facilitated working groups, collected data, and analyzed the issue to provide multiple policy alternatives including cost, population analysis, and periods of coverage resulting in new statutes and programs within DoD to fill gaps in care provider coverage.

Wounded Warrior Resource Integration
As part of the congressionally mandated Wounded Ill and Injured Senior Oversight Committee, DoD and VA needed to capture and document fiscal requirements for new and expanded programs.  CALIBRE was requested to support the analysis, formulation, and integration of DoD and VA Dole-Shalala requirements.  This resulted in the program formulation and funding of over $10 billion in new or expanded programs in a hierarchical structure linked to performance goals and strategic objectives.

CMS Qualified Entity Certification Program (QECP)
CALIBRE’s Cyber Security team and its business partners support the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) QECP to assess the integrity, compliance, and overall maturity level of qualified entity applicants.  CALIBRE delivers comprehensive data security control baseline audits, vulnerability assessments, and risk management strategies for these Qualified Entities.