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Enterprise Content Management

Unstructured content in the form of documents, media files, email messages, and web page captures is growing at a high rate in most organizations; many are still using network shared drives and email as their primary means of storage. Finding and accessing needed content in this environment is difficult, especially for an increasingly mobile user base.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technology provides a wide range of functionality to enable flexible, controlled, and secure access to content for efficient business operations.


Information Sharing
Enable secure access to documents and other digital content by employees and external collaborators.

Migration and Storage
Move large data volumes from file servers to a modern repository, consolidating, cleansing, and organizing the content for easy access.

Process Efficiency
Streamline document- and formcentric processes with configurable work flows, mobile support, and integration with enterprise systems.

Responsive Search
Find and access needed documents quickly with metadata-driven search; explore large document collections efficiently with filtered browsing.

Effective Team Interactions
Quickly create team environments and enable them to collaborate with document sharing, threaded discussions, messaging, tasking, and project management.

Enable full compliance with regulatory requirements for recordkeeping and minimize business risk with DoD 5015.2 certified records management.


Case Management
Any service or process needing flexibility, such as Veteran’s benefits, social services, and investigations can be streamlined with CALIBRE’s case management.

CALIBRE quickly creates team environments to enable document sharing, discussions, tasking, and project management.

Content and Data Capture
CALIBRE digitizes paper and imports document files into repositories, extracting metadata to enable responsive searching.

Document Management
CALIBRE controls document creation, revision and organization, and access control.

Electronic Forms
CALIBRE converts paper forms for convenient completion, routing, approval, and archiving.

Email Management
CALIBRE automatically ingests and tags email to comply with regulatory requirements.

Enterprise Search
CALIBRE is able to find needed content quickly with cross-repository searching and flexible results filtering based on document specific metadata.

Mobile Device Support
CALIBRE enables secure access to content via laptops and mobile devices, without requiring a VPN connection.

Records Management
CALIBRE enables full compliance with regulatory requirements for recordkeeping and minimizes business risk with DoD 5015.2 certified records management practices.

Improve Efficiency
ECM reduces time spent by knowledge workers searching for content and trying to determine its currency and accuracy. Document-centric business processes are streamlined, eliminating human effort in no/low value tasks such as document logging, routing, and filing. ECM is used to reduce the volume of obsolete and redundant content that has no business value—digital clutter that obscures valuable content.

Document synchronization and sharing is automated to eliminate inefficient and error-prone manual transfers.

Improve Operations Quality
ECM provides many tools for enabling secure, role-based access to content, versioning content, and organizing files into folders where they can inherit metadata. ECM facilitates on-demand information sharing among those permissioned for access, allowing for more responsive and accurate fulfillment of document requests.Auto-classification and metadata tagging of documents vastly improves search results for end users, allowing better client self-service.

Automatic collection of process statistics provides real-time insight into process performance, highlighting delay points. Collaboration tools facilitate team interactions, capture and preserve comments and decisions, help build communities of practice, and enable realtime following of events and team activities.

Sophisticated content analytics using semantic analysis, NLP, and regular expression provide deep insight into unstructured content in the absence of metadata.

Reduce Risk
ECM enables compliance with regulations and policy concerning records and email preservation, protection of personallyidentifiable information (PII), reduced risk of unauthorized access to content, and prevention of data leakage through digital rights management.

Content is preserved through formal records management, email archiving, deduplication, and high volume migration to hierarchical storage. Legal hold and discovery are supported as well as defensible destruction of obsolete content not subject to retention requirements. High availability, disaster recovery, and continuity of operations are supported.