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The Department of Defense is undergoing the most far-reaching transformation since enactment of the National Security Act of 1947 and is adapting to a challenging new era.  Changes in the national security environment are due to complex security challenges and threats to vital American interests.  This has caused a rethinking of national security strategy, military strategy, and consequently, the means of achieving security that meet the expectations of the American people, our allies, and coalition partners.

Newly-defined architectures for assembling and deploying military forces and conducting the business of national security functions are driving reengineered designs and outcomes for military formations, civilian organizations, and their supporting systems and infrastructures. Recent demanding operational experiences are having a profound effect on the retooling of capabilities to include joint doctrine, experimentation, and training; facilities and basing both at home and overseas; active and reserve component force structures; and acquisition of new weapons, communications, intelligence, and logistics systems and support structures.

CALIBRE’s expertise resides at the forefront of several key mission trends: rebalancing the capabilities of America’s Armed Forces to prevail in persistent conflicts; and to further reform the Department’s institutions and processes to better support the urgent needs of the Warfighter.