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Commercial sector clients require practical best-value solutions that are integrated to address multi-disciplined technical, regulatory, and budgetary challenges to remain competitive in today’s economic environment.  Best business practices, consistent with the international environmental standard ISO-14001, typically include a five-step process: strategy development; planning; implementation and operation; checking and corrective action; and management review.  A multi-dimensional performance measurement approach, similar to the balanced scorecard developed at the Harvard Business School, results in solutions that are organized around four distinct perspectives: financial, client, internal, and innovation and learning.  Taken together, these business approaches help to define a systematic strategy for addressing commercial client challenges, including strategic planning, risk management, prioritization, organizational development, and performance measurement.

We offer expertise under a broad banner of management and assessment skills to meet client needs and improve technical, operational, regulatory compliance, and financial performance.  

CALIBRE builds and delivers tailored, integrated solutions that support the responsibilities and mission-critical systems of our commercial clients.