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CALIBRE’s Code of Business Conduct codifies our First Principles and provides expected behaviors to conduct business fairly, impartially, in an ethical manner, and in complete compliance with the law.  Our business conduct is guided by the highest level of integrity when dealing with our clients, suppliers, local communities, and employees. 

We will not engage in any activity that could call into question CALIBRE’s honesty, impartiality, or reputation.  We bear the responsibility to ask questions, seek proper guidance, and report suspected violations of the Code of Business Conduct.  We will not tolerate any retaliation against those who raise genuine concerns. 

The purpose of this hotline is to allow anonymous reporting of potential fraud and unlawful or unethical behavior or practices.  This hotline is an additional communication tool and is provided because we believe that it is good business practice to offer an anonymous reporting capability.  Those who believe they have a valid issue to report are expected and encouraged to communicate the issue to CALIBRE.  This hotline provides an alternative communications vehicle.

Regular business matters that do not require anonymity should not be submitted using this hotline service.  To submit a report, Lighthouse Services provides a toll-free number along with several other reporting methods, all of which are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

  • Website:
  • Toll-Free Telephone Numbers:
    • English speaking USA and Canada:  844-448-0002
    • Spanish speaking USA and Canada:  800-216-1288
    • Calling from all other countries:  800-603-2869 (NOTE: Calling from a landline is most reliable, as access codes are not reliably used on all international cell phones.  Click here for access codes and dialing instructions.)
  • Click here to send Lighthouse Services an E-mail  (include CALIBRE’s company name when reporting possible violations)
  • Fax: 215-689-3885 (include CALIBRE’s company name when reporting possible violations).