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Our People: Employee-Owners

CALIBRE is its people. As employee-owners, our job is to ensure that we individually and collectively add value every day. The demonstrated quality of the services and products we deliver is clear evidence of our personal and corporate skills, our work ethic, our integrity, and our commitment to excellence.

Our operations and corporate staffs understand that the value of our company is directly related to the quality of what we deliver to our clients. Our increasing enterprise value, reflected in our company’s share price for all shareholders and participants in our Employee Stock Ownership Plan, underscores the importance of this essential linkage.

Consistently producing quality work - every day, every time - demands our undivided attention. This is achieved only by committed people working together to deliver timely services and products that perform as advertised, and a quality management approach that meets or exceeds client needs and requirements. This approach assures the commitment that comes only from a close, collaborative, and continuous working relationship between CALIBRE and our clients.

Our approach is the shortest path from a client’s functional requirement to a relevant, affordable, and enduring solution. Attracting and retaining highly qualified people, embracing innovative approaches, and making our clients successful are essential ingredients for our continued, long-term success. As a result, we invest in academic education, and professional training and certification programs for our employee-owners, including our internal training program, CALIBRE University. The CALIBRE team - each of us - operates together with a trust that we will adhere to our First Principles (Operate Ethically, Achieve Superior Quality, and Renew Ourselves). We are committed to “doing the right things, and doing them well.”


Grow Our Future Employee Ownership