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Employee Testimonials

Let’s hear what the employees themselves have to say about CALIBRE. In an anonymous survey, we asked our staff three questions:

1. What was it that made you choose CALIBRE over other companies that interested you or with which you interviewed?

2. What makes you want to stay at CALIBRE?

3. What would you tell a potential applicant about CALIBRE?


What was it that made you choose CALIBRE over other companies that interested you or with which you interviewed?

“The positive atmosphere at CALIBRE was noticeable at all levels. People smiled; people were helpful; people were upbeat; people were genuine. Other companies talked the talk, but the body language said something entirely different.”

“My choice was based on two things. The people and the work.”

“This intangible quality called a ‘fit’. Each company develops a corporate persona that may or may not fit your personality. This encompasses many things from ethics to goals to the type of people hired. Through whatever conscious and sub-conscious thought processes, CALIBRE felt right.”

“I was not hired for a contract. I was being hired into a company."

“The one thing that impressed me most about CALIBRE during the interview process was the attitude of the people conducting the interview. I got a sense of company loyalty from them mixed with bona fide job satisfaction.”

“Believing that CALIBRE was a flat company in terms of management layers. To me this implied that everyone in the organization is an integral part of the whole, therefore a team.”

“Flexibility to manage my work hours truly weighted my decision toward CALIBRE. I felt that my quality of life would significantly improve and allow me to meet my family's needs as well as my own desire to continue my professional career.”

“Flex time, atmosphere, and additional learning...The laid back atmosphere is great… Having interned here, I saw first hand how great the work environment really was. The additional learning aspect was great too. It’s always good to know that there is a reward for continuing to learn.”


What makes you want to stay?

“CALIBRE is growing, but intelligently.”

“The company's senior leaders have truly internalized the goals and objectives they have laid out for their folks. People feel appreciated and are recognized for their dedication and hard work. There is certainly a rare energy from the top down that is contagious and a synergy that crosses the company laterally.”

“Compensated mobility, solid benefits, and opportunities for professional development.”

"Since I left the Army, I've worked for several universities and companies. None of these came anywhere near the integrity and esprit-de-corps that I was used to in the Army. That is, until I came to work for CALIBRE.”

“The same things that brought me to CALIBRE in the first place - CALIBRE's business philosophy: a renewing company, the business ethics CALIBRE enunciates and practices, the importance CALIBRE places in its employees. CALIBRE has stayed true to its core values."

“I think that it is the genuine satisfaction with company and staff. I have not found it necessary to entertain other offers that have been made. CALIBRE's positive family/professional atmosphere does not go unnoticed; even here at Fort Lee. Other contractors here often comment on what they perceive as ‘different’ about CALIBRE.”

What would you tell an applicant who is applying to CALIBRE?

“I enjoy coming to work!“

“I would tell any sharp applicant to do their homework and write down everything that they think is important for them in a job, big and small - from pay and benefits, recognition for work well done, upward mobility, analytical or creative desires and so on. They should use this as a scorecard to rate every company with whom they interview. Then after they interview with CALIBRE, they'll see why I chose to join the CALIBRE team.”

“CALIBRE is a strong, solid, stable company that withstood and excelled during a tremendous national economic downturn. Always evolving - never resting, always looking for the next innovation to allow us to stand out further from the competition. Avenues for personal advancement/growth opportunities.”

“My ideas are not stifled - rather I am challenged to seek solutions beyond the traditional boxes most would expect.”

“I have been here a while. Like I tell most people I interview, I have had opportunities to leave and could never make the case as to why I should.”

“CALIBRE invests financially in its employees’ professional development. Good training is available to everyone. In the 18 months that I’ve worked here, I’ve been able to take two formal courses to learn new software applications, in addition to an extensive catalog of online courses I can complete from my home or office.”

“CALIBRE is one of the few employee-owned consulting firms in the Washington area. This means everyone counts, everyone relies on the other for success, everyone invited to join is hired for long-term success, and this means the CALIBRE team is unique and positioned for continued success.”

“CALIBRE is a good company that not only looks after the ‘bottom-line’ but also its people. Just like one of the many Army sayings: Mission First, People Always."

“It never gets boring. We’re all exposed to co-workers from diverse educational, military, functional, and technical backgrounds, as well as participating on diverse projects with different clients.”

“CALIBRE is built on a work ethos of quality product, ethical action, and client success. When tethered to the rest of the story, which is motivated people who take care of each other because the company takes care of them, it seems to me we have a pretty darned good solution to job satisfaction and company success.”