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Our Business

There are two important views of CALIBRE; views that can be thought of as different sides of the same coin. One view looks to our clients; the other view looks within our company. We need to understand both views - both perspectives - if we are to continue our growth and success.

The client view begins with the fundamental priorities and challenges they face, the state of the economy and the forces affecting the marketplace, and the impact of changing technology. We recognize the market segments in which we compete today and into the foreseeable future: Defense, Federal / Civil and Commercial. And, it is the CALIBRE Solution Team, drawn from across our company and our business partners, that sells and delivers quality management, information technology solutions and products to our clients.

The company view begins with the key functions and activities performed by the major organizational elements, including governance by the Board of Directors, direction by the Corporate Leadership Team, client operations by our Divisions and Directorates, and business operations by the corporate staff. Each organizational element is engaged in essential, vital work as part of our enterprise - one team, one goal. As such, each element is challenged to ensure the quality of its outputs and outcomes by seeking best practices and innovation, taking ownership of business processes that enable success, and striving for maximum agility to succeed in a highly fluid, rapidly-changing environment. The entire effort of our enterprise - our “system of systems” - is focused on two outputs: (1) marketing and sales, and (2) product and service delivery, both of which must be compliant with statutory, regulatory, and contractual rules that govern our business. Those outputs and outcomes are measured against the standards of our First Principles, and the goal and objectives we set for ourselves in this Strategic Plan.


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Client View

Company View