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CALIBRE 2020 Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan provides a context to guide us, a focus on the nature of competition in our industry to inform us, and defines the strategic framework that CALIBRE uses as an employee-owned company to achieve the Vision, Purpose, Strategic Goal, and Corporate Objectives we have set for ourselves through 2020.  The Strategic Plan and our First Principles provide the foundation for how we see the future, develop plans for the future, execute those plans, and measure how well we accomplish what we set out to do.

Since our first day of business on March 1, 1989, CALIBRE has remained committed to a single set of First Principles:  uncompromising ethics, superior quality of work, and ongoing corporate and individual renewal.  As employee-owners, we apply an unwavering focus on client needs and a clear understanding of our potential competitors and partners.  Within a continually changing business environment, we maintain the knowledge, skills, and relationships necessary to make our clients, our company, and our communities successful.

CALIBRE employees sustain an ownership culture emphasizing commitment to excellence, innovation, good citizenship, and growth-oriented stewardship.  We live our First Principles and Corporate Objectives and understand that ethical behavior strengthens our contributions to our clients and communities.  We view renewal of CALIBRE and ourselves as the key to corporate and client success.

Our Success Follows Yours® reflects the CALIBRE emphasis on making our clients successful and the opportunities employee-owners have to create that success for our clients and ourselves.  We bring together the right blend of skills, techniques, and technologies to deliver useful results quickly and economically for our clients.  We recognize that results are the overarching priority of our clients – our solutions must make a difference. 

Goal & Objectives

Corporate Goal:

Be a respected, competitive, profitable business, recognized as a leader in providing management consulting and information technology solutions.

Corporate Objectives:

Make our clients successful

...through collaborative, trusted relationships and enduring solutions that make a difference.

Increase the value of CALIBRE enhancing our reputation and increasing enterprise value for our employee-owners.

Take care of our people providing an enabling and supportive work environment that expands the capabilities and productivity of our employees.

Leverage technology using technology to more effectively solve our clients’ challenges and improve our business potential.

Manage our company adapting and adopting effective, efficient best business practices.

Be good citizens

...through activities that support our local communities and the Nation.


Strategic Plan