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Doing Business with CALIBRE

Are you interested in doing business with CALIBRE?
If you identified us as a possible solution provider for your requirements, we’d like to hear from you. Send your requirements to our Contracts & Procurement Office.  We will forward your request to the appropriate CALIBRE business leaders for review.

Do you want to be a CALIBRE supplier?
CALIBRE has constant and ever-changing requirements that require outsourcing. 
We seek to team with best-in-class business to complement our services and to offer clients innovative solutions. 

Are you a small business?
CALIBRE embraces the Government’s desire to foster and support use of small business resources.  If you are a small business, we encourage you to register at our Small Business Programs or contact the Small Business Liaison Officer (SBLO) directly through our main phone number 703.797.8500 or via e-mail at Contact Us page.

We encourage all interested vendors to explore our service offerings to learn more about the full range of services CALIBRE offers as well as our current target industries and markets.


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